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October 5, 2007

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Working and Vacation

June 8, 2007

I am on vacation, look for some huge changes when I am back home 🙂

5/6 – Fact of the Day

June 5, 2007

HoopWorld combines elements of basketball, dodgeball, and kung-fu

Huge Announcement: Pile of Crap

June 5, 2007

Now before I begin, I am by no means insulting Microsoft, or anyone who works at Microsoft, this is my personal opinion at the events that surrounded the “Major Announcement”…

Huge Microsoft announcement coming Tuesday at 1:30 Eastern. That was the news spreading like wildfire thanks in part to a post on GTR. With everyone antcipating the news, it finally came today by a leak on some news sources like xbox360fanboy. 

The overly hyped news was nothing more then a new Pac Man game – Pac Man Championship Edition. With all respect to Pac Man, its a great retro game. However, the major news is dissapointing in a sense because no matter what the creators do, Pac Man will always be Pac Man. HD is great, some new designs are cool, but the major news is nothing that major to 360 gamers.

Either way, in my opinion, this weeks Major Announcement was nothing more then a flaming pile of poo.

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6/4 – Movie of the Day

June 3, 2007

While Twittering this evening, TheSmokingManX made a post with thie video. Enjoy!


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Editorial: Video Game Pricing

June 3, 2007

Shadowrun has made its debut this week on both Xbox 360, and the PC.  However, despite both games being exactly the same – running on the same Live Anywhere network, having the same game in terms of gameplay and maps, and also using the same achievement system that 360 players are now accustomed to, there is one small thing that is different. The price of the game.

The 360 version of Shadowrun costs $59.99, while the PC version of the same game costs $49.99. (At the time of this article, the PC version of this game was on sale at Circuit City for only $37.99 and came with a free copy of Flight Simulator X). The difference in price in my mind makes no sense.

If I was Microsoft, and my goal was to sell more Xbox 360 systems, then I would have the 360 version either the same price, or less expensive. Either way, it doesn’t look like Microsoft or FASA Studios is going to budge on the price right away, which brings me to my next point.

As gamers, if you continually pay $60.00 for a bad game, then you are not helping the situation. You pay $60.00 because you let them. Many gamers explain how a game is more expensive, and then go on to explain that they are still going to purchase it. The statement alone shows that nothing will be changed, the developers make extra money, and the consumer only helps drive up the cost.

If we want to make a point to developers, then it should be this. We will pay $60.00 for quality games , but if they are going to give us crap for $60.00, then we won’t buy it! Simple econonics dictates that a lower price, helps drive up demand for any given product. If cost is low, and demand is high, it would only help the developers get more sales, and help consumers save more money in their wallet.

Same goes with the Xbox Marketplace. If you don’t think Solitaire or any other game is worth the price, then make a stand and a statement, don’t buy it!


Free Lost Planet Map on June 7th

June 1, 2007

I just got this message from Capcom. Lost Planet players will be recieving a new map…

Up until now, the lucky gamers that have the Collector’s Edition of Lost Planet™: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft have been able to enjoy the extra “Battleground” map which sets players in an abandoned town scattered with rubble from ruined buildings and features indoor and outdoor areas with multi-level vantage points.  Starting on Thursday, June 7, the map will be made available for free download to everyone on Xbox Live® Marketplace.